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So many questions so few answers

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So many questions so few answers

First off id like to say I just downloaded this a few weeks ago out of curiosity and have been addicted since then. I love this game. Absolutely amazing for being made by just 1 guy.

My only real complaint is I have so many questions and can barely find answers anywhere. The unofficial wiki wasnt much help and the forums are hit and miss cause you have to either specifically ask yourself or search all over for a thread that may or may not have the answer you seek. The website helped but it was mostly just general information.

I think it might be very beneficial to have as much info about the game in one single spot. For example I have no clue if a federation government is any different then a democracy in the game. Do they have unique traits? Special bonuses? Are they just names? Or some of the artifacts like the lunar monument which I can't seem to figure out what the point is. And the little jewel that appears on a star that seems to be the colour of the previous empire. I mean what is that? I have quite a few other questions as well. So I really think the game could use an actual wiki page with everything on the game so far in one easy to navigate spot. Cause Ive been playing the game quite a bit and paying close attention and trying to decipher a lot of it but it's beyond what I can figure out on my own and I'm fairly observant id like to think. And I can't be the only one having trouble figuring out the finer details


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Re: So many questions so few answers

Yes this is IMO one of the top things that clearly separate this from a professional effort.

I make this game mostly to have fun, I earn some relatively small amount of money too I can't deny that, but most of it is playing around myself and chatting with users etc etc.

I would estimate that if I were to boost this game to professional levels in terms of documentation, I would spend maybe 30% of my time writing that, keeping it constantly up to date etc. I simply cannot do that, it's incredibly boring :) Plus, imagine 1/3 of the latest features missing, that would be terrible. So users are forced (unfortunately) to just figure stuff out on their own.

However, there is ample opportunity for the community to step up here and help me out to document this, so if you think the unofficial wiki is not good, just sign up and improve it :)

As for your questions:

1. Governments are largely the same. They differ in how the recruit their new employees, and of course they have different names for those rulers. Most importantly, they also give different empire specials to empires.
2. The Lunar monument intentionally has no in-game effect (well it pulls in some extra traders maybe). I like to see it as the vain efforts of some emperor, expending the entire galaxys resources to make a giant statue of himself on a moon.
3. The jewel helps lure traders in, and increases the wealth of the system

So now if you want to help, you can put this on the unofficial wiki :)

You can also post a FAQ here, where not many Q are F A unfortunately, but it may help:

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