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VanillaPlus [v200817]

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Re: Vanilla+ [v20170816]

Snoddasmannen wrote:I really want to try this :)
Can you just post alist of the files that you have modified, or new files? This makes it easier to see and check out what you have actually modded.

Sure thing!

I edited (for Modern Day Scenario):
  • earthgovs.json (inside of the maps folder).
  • A new save i had made (as in made custom empires with their appropiate governments).

For Vanilla+ it would props be:
  • governments.json
  • governments.txt
  • some maps added from the community (at their request of course)
  • i belive it is called preferences.txt? it is the file where you stored all the tutorial information (i only add "Vanilla+ Mod vYYYYMMDD by QuerkyBren" to the about window under "some graphics by Pavel Povotorov").

You can go to the repo in the initial post, that is where you can find the files and how to install them. :D


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Joined: Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:14 am

Post Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:08 am

Re: Vanilla+ [v20170816]

This is a mod aimed at enhancing the base game with the limited amount of tools available.

GITHUB REPO: https://github.com/QuerkyBren/Galimulator-Vanilla-Plus
Installation Instructions and the files are on there.

Currently, this is a one-man mod developed by me (if you would like to help develop this mod please email me at alexandroveringuard@gmail.com).

The development log can be found here: https://pastebin.com/E22W27kG

I do not include the whole game with the mod, in the respect for the creator as I know it will be exploited by pirates.

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