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The Prodromus Systematis galaxy

The first 115 millennia were chaos. According to what little information that was recorded and preserved throughout the 115 millennia. Now only 5 empires remain and they have made a peace throughout the galaxy. The name of these empires are the Bozh Hegemony the largest empire, The Forerunner Ecumene, The Trust of Waabusu, The Orderof Plans, And the Conlave of Itoja. Now we move to alliances the Forerunner-Waabusu coalition and the W.OM.I which includes the hegemony and the order. As of now it has been 22 millennia since the great peace. Then during the 140th millennial festival the Order if Plans disseapered without a trace. The trust used this as an excuse to declare war on the Conclave and it ended after 13 millennia when the trust gained some land back that they owned in the 100th millennia. But as one war came to an end another was beginning between the two galactic superpowers due to increased border friction. Then during the the festival of the 196th millennia the emperor of the Forerunner Ecumene died in an accident. And the next emperor used it as an excuse to awaken the Forerunner war machine. Then on the eve of the 200th millennia the Forerunners declared war. And after only 24 millennia the Forerunners were steamrolling the the hegemony.There was no hope for the hegemony they were cut off on three fronts. After only 10 millennia they only had the capital front left. And after only 5 millennia of war the hegemony fell under the might of the Forerunners. And as soon as the hegemony fell another empire immediately rose from its ashes it called itself the merea worlds and it was spreading like a wild fire. It conquered the galactic core faster than the Forerunners could combat. The Forerunners the strongest empire of the galaxy was bending to the will of a brand new empire. But the Forerunner capital systems were holding as the other fronts were beginning to waver. And when the Forerunners needed there allies the most they betrayed them. It looked like the end if the Forerunners but all the remaining fronts were holding firm. So they returned from the brink of near collapse and began to retake there stars. They began to seek retribution on there enemy and there old ally for betraying them. As they were making a large and steady retake of the galaxy the merea began making terrorist attacks on the the forerunner centers of trade. And the forerunners got greedy and declared war on all other empire. But just as soon as the Forerunners were about to win an unknown virus swept through the galaxy. And so all empires faded and so came the end of the ancient empires. All remaining living beings in the galaxy returned to a pre-space travel time a much simpler time.