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The Story of The Galaxy - Written by President Khaleknimons

At first, 68 thousand standard years ago, there was the "Berce Jury", a corrupt and biased jury that ruled the heavens for many years.

A little while after the jury was assembled, it was overthrown as the people began to notice the corruption. The new nation was called "The Wretched Imyhh Assemblage" which of course, was a very violent and scary nation, plagued with corruption and ineffective leaders. That was until the war hero and General, Snoddasmannen, staged a coup against the current emperor, Thezax. Snodd's reign was a very prosperous one, as he controlled the most wealthy and powerful empire at the time. He lived a nice 147 years due to the technology at the time, a very short life compared to now. By the end of his reign, his empire was falling apart, people couldn't trust him anymore due to his deteriorating health.

A short while after he died, a revolution happened and the "Ochom Collective" was set up. It was a loose confederation of stars that wanted one thing, peace. The galaxy had many wars since the invention of the hyperdrive, but the one during that revolution was the bloodiest one by far since there weren't any warcrimes laws like there are now. The war was so bad the there was over one trillion dead and trillions more wounded. The Confederation lasted for a while but was eventually taken over.

The next empire almost had complete control of the galaxy except for a few powerful stars that were still joined with the Confederation. It was the "Obscene Trust of Gragnog". While the empire only lasted for a mere 1000 standard years, it's leader, Gragnog, was a very harsh one yet he somehow unified most of the galaxy. The leaders after Gragnog were very inefficient so their empire went down quickly.

This Empire, the "Elite Monarchy of Sttan" was by far the most evil and powerful one. It seemed to use some sort of dark energy, like the religions of the old world talked about. In fact, they might if misspelled their name on purpose, because their name is very similar to the old world devil, "Satan". They probably didn't want to much suspicion. They empire lasted the longest in history, a whole 25 thousand standard years. At the end of the empire's life, there was a plague going throughout the galaxy that corrupted people's minds and bodies and turned them into plant monsters.

And that brings us to the next empire, the "Plant Political Section of Noona". Instead of a single ruler, it was more of a hive mind. A very brutal one at that. They killed billions of humans that were immune to the disease. They did try to have some structure of their government though, they had a single representative for the humans, and a very corrupt one. Her name was "Noona". Eventually, people began to developing cures and she was eventually overthrown and killed along with all the other plant monsters.

And that brings it to us. We were the first stable nation to come out of the disease. Our founder, Ogaly, was a researcher who made the first cure to the disease. Many stars joined our cause of reunification and we currently control most of the coreworlds and some of the outer rim. Our biggest enemy is the "Cloudy Prog Territories". A terrorist nation that is hellbent on a way to destroy order and peace. We are doing everything we can to stop them. In our 11 thousand standard year history, we have had nothing but good times and a great economy. We are the only democratic republic in the galaxy and the only nation with less than 5 rights violations.

This concludes the history of the Galaxy

This was based on a true story after leaving the game on for an hour.

I've reuploaded this story to this forum because it looks a little empty at the moment and mine was buried in the old AAR topic from a few months ago. Felt like more people should see this even if it's crappy, now that I look at it more, the more it looks like it was written by an 8 year-old
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