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The Fall of the Nonchalant Fandinckea Authority

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The Fall of the Nonchalant Fandinckea Authority


The Fandinkea Authority at its highest period before it's fall. It encompassed the entire galaxy and ruled the ways of life for millions of citizens as nonchalantly as possible. The first rule of living was "Care, but don't care that much."

And as such, with their success, embraced that first rule. This however would lead to their doom. It was just the 11th Millenia when the first hints of rebellion began. It's people's life were ruled by a militaristic society that valued diplomacy over violence. A sort of sun tzu way of teaching in our own galaxy. It was with that they grew to encompass the entire galaxy. The four corners were split into 4 different regions as to help with the governance of their nonchalant land.

The Sekurdian Section.

Split down the middle in 2 ways, vertical and horizontal, the Sekurdian Sector in the south east valued it's closeness to the beginnings of the Empire where the Fandinckea first discovered their nonchalantian ways. The capital marked the border between it and it's northern sector. And the sector ended in the west as marked by the soontobecurbstomped Ondd Colony that declared independence in the 10th Millenia due to it realizing "Maybe we should care a little more."

That thought lead to a genocide killing 10 Billion People.

The Norkesian Section

The youngest of the original Fandinckea land owned in the north that also shares the conquered lands of the empires who no longer exist and have been forgotten because the historians didn't care enough to include them. This sector took up the area above the capital and extended westward to about the middle of the ring where it's jurisdiction ended. It's people value being the more nonchalant of the empires citizens as well as less proud in comparison to their southern brothers and sisters.

The Wesktian Section

In the north west the Wesktians roam and rave. These people are party goers who could give less of a care what happens to them. During the Great Conquest in which cemented the reign of the Fandinckeans some people just gave up and more or less lost their minds and did things that they otherwise wouldn't do normally. This sector begins at the border of the Norkesians at the middle and ends at the final sector in the south west.

The Swestunian Section

The logs don't talk much about this sector. Just that it was the workhorse slave region of the Empire where world's were deconstructed entirely to feed the Great Nonchalant Emperors hunger to not care. It began where the Wesktians ended and again ends at the Ondd Colony whichissoontonotexist.

the Three Rebels War of the 14th Millenia.

Soon the idea of wanting to care more, spread by the theologians of Ondd Colony (who only said "Wolololo" in order to convert those to their ideals), made their way to other systems. The slave systems in the south west created the The Enthusiastic Myriad of Kamara. They believed in being as caring as possible, a direct violation of the 1st Rule to Living.

In the Home Systems in the South east this heathen and hedonistic belief spread as well. Creating the Triumvirate, a congress of three people, one caring as possible, one in the middle between "Eh" and "Meh" and the final at "Don't give a damn".

In the North East even the most uncaring individuals sprung into rebellion. This created the Confederation of Xinslao which was basically a direct duplicate of the Authority but the residents just didn't care that much at all so they just shrugged and did the rebellion anyway.

We don't talk about the purple bugger. They're weird.

The Nonchalant Flagship crushing the opposing Xinslao opposition left over.

"The Nonchalant Wealth Crescent" Called so because it forms a line of incredibly wealthy systems. Notice the very minimal wealth on the west side of the Galaxy.
The Beginning of the Meedi Swarm

In the 38th Millenia the Fandinckea Forces were picked back far out of their systems by a bug like swarm. This swarm, called the Meedi Swarm, engulfed nearly the northern galaxy and marked the beginning of the end as the Empire began to not even care for its own survival. Corruption rocketed as a result to this and caused even more instability.

The galaxy as of the 41st Millenium. The Empire descends into anarchy.

The 42nd Millenium. The Galaxy united against the Meedi Swarm in a last ditch effort to curb their advance. They were exterminated and all parties agreed to leave the Whobou Circle the land taken by the Meedi Swarm in order to prevent any conflicts over it and to make sure the ailing Nonchalant Authority would never come back to power.
The 45th Millenium saw the splitting of the Whobou. Just as this happened a change was brewing in the dieing Authority. If they were going to end, they would do it style.

As nonchalantly as possible of course.
But like Phoenixes, empires rise out of the ashes and continue forever.
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Re: The Fall of the Nonchalant Fandinckea Authority

Hey nice, I always love reading these stories! :) It always makes me want to add more meaty details in the game to give you creative types more material to work with, rather than fix bug crashers and improve fps.
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