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The legend of... Chicken Simulator

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The legend of... Chicken Simulator

Based on a true story.

So,i was playing galimulator last week. I gone to empire mode and challenged myself with hard. It was normal for a few millennium, then, kablam!!! A massive empire suddenly began tearing the galaxy apart. The once peaceful empires were plunged into a long war. All the 7 empires basically formed a coalition. I was part of the small alliance. We wage war for many millennias, losing many, many great heroes. We were about to lose the war, until, a Ship named Chicken Simulator, i call it now, a legend, plunged straight into battle. The Mysterious Bran Trust made it. Ships fell at its mighty missiles, shaking the tides of battle and turning the table on the Fantastic Trust. In the final years, it reached the capital, little did it know, a missile was on it's way. It fired the last salvo, dying as it, too, got shot. It was damaged. Nothing can be done. But, it's sacrifice was not it vain. It allowed the small alliance to invade the now weakened empire. In the end, thanks to it, we captured the galaxy.

A mmoment of silence for our fallen hero. A legend immensely powerful. Challenging the strings that bind the galaxy together. A moment of silence for: Agre Mailak, Jezgr Lalr and ship captain, Grhe Kemnler.

The mighty hyperbliss welcomes you, Chicken Simulator!!!


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Re: The legend of... Chicken Simulator

If you can read this, you can read English. If you can't read it, you can't read English.

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