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There's a Forum for this Game?!

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Post Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:46 am

There's a Forum for this Game?!

Good lord where has this been all my life.

Well. Hello! Nice to meet you all. Just want to introduce myself before I do anything else in this place. I'm really quite surprised how small and friendly this community is.

Also it uses BB code, awesome! :D
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Re: There's a Forum for this Game?!

Hey don, welcome to the forum

Yeah I have noticed that forums for small games tend to he very friendly communities, I love that developers like snodd can bring complete strangers together with a common goal and treat one another almost like family. Which is why I lurk here so often and chuck some input here and there

Snodd is also super responsive, which I heavily respect from a developer with his audience, he's very open to community input as well despite the fact that as a solo developer he would have his own direction he would like to move the game

Well, I'm done here... Welcome don, enjoy your stay

I'm thinking we should make a topic for new users to introduce themselves
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Re: There's a Forum for this Game?!

Hey Don, welcome!

If it weren't for the friendly people in this community, I would have stopped development a long time ago :) Well it's not just this forum, but also other places like reviews, emails, twitter etc. The money I make is not enough to justify spending so much of my hobby time on this thing, but the friendly and happy people I meet sure do make it worthwhile.

So yeah, feel free to jump into topics, I try to give feedback as much as I can, though I've been a bit busy the past few days.

While I'm venting a bit: RIght now I've actually used some of my hard earned Galimulator money to buy a Samsung J5, which according to several reviews crashes Galimulator all the time. Well I've only seen one so far, and didn't have the debugger online :/ So with any luck, I'll find a bug to crush soon ... Also looking forward to some new user contributed maps that are looking awesome (need to create a subforum for that). And the next update should really boost FPS btw.
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