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How do I join an existing alliance??

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How do I join an existing alliance??

Okay, so my problem consists of these two issues:

When my empire wants to make an alliance with an un-allied empire, a new empire will be made consisting of just two members. I try to make peace with and add other people to the alliance using spies, but I've only ever managed to create two-empire alliances.

My other issue is that I can never join existing alliances. Let''s say that our example alliance alliance consists of three members. I make peace with all of the members of the alliance, and then I send all my spies to each of the three members, instructing them to "make alliance". However, I do not become a member of said alliance. I have tried many many times, over many different galaxies and many different empires, to do so. Is there a way to do so and I am just missing it?

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Re: How do I join an existing alliance??

Aha, this just looks like a bug, thanks for reporting, I'll need to look over this :) You are not missing some magic way of doing it I'm afraid.
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